Spotlight on Tools: Markers and Pens

The latest Kinokuniya Bookstore that liberated my cash was in New York City. Prior to that, the events occurred in Los Angeles and San Francisco. So What, you ask? The real question is Why? Because in addition to books, they have awesome stationery and pens. Because I always need new pens (need is subjective here). Because they distract me and make me happy, momentarily. Never apologize for your art.

I've had my eye on these Zig brand Wink of Stella glitter brush marker pens. They come in more colors, but I limited myself to Gold and Silver. Also available is a Christmas Sparkle, Gold, Silver, Clear, 3-Pack. I had to look online to find out how to open them for the first time (slide off and remove a tiny black band from the barrel). I only opened one, worried they might explode on the plane home (not too badly, but best not to take open ones up there).

My excuse to visit the store was that I needed a new Sakura Pigma Micron pen, but along the way I found this Kuretake ZIG Mangaka 01, which is much smoother to write with, at least it feels that way to me. It should be noted that the two shown below are different widths (01 and 03). The Pigma Micron also seems to have darker black ink.

Tried out this Kuretake Fude Brush Pen, Clean Color pen in black. It also comes in a full pack of colors (at the link). You can write so tiny, but it is best for drawing. Added a Pentel Water Brush Pen, Medium Mini for travel, which works great with the water-soluble Art Graf pencil from CW Pencil Enterprise, that I wrote about here. Zig/Kuretake, a Japanese company, seems to have a really nice selection of pens. Check out their website, if you dare.

And some thin Little B washi tape that looks like the border of old envelopes for decoration.

Now, to resume a regular drawing practice.
Or write some paper letters.


Anonymous said…
Winks also has copper. Can't exist without copper. Jetpens is where I bought them!
Alisa said…
Thanks, yes! Winks are in many colors. Copper is next on my list. And Jetpens is one of my favorite online pen stores. Pen and Ink Arts is another.
Chris said…
I LOVE my Kuretake #13 and Kuretake #8 brush pens - they're refillable, and the ink in the Kuretake cartridges is great. It doesn't bleed on to alcohol markers, but you can also use water on the ink to soften the look.