Star 82 Review Spring Issue 5.1 Is Live Online!

I'm happy to report that the seventeenth regular issue of Star 82 Review, the online and print magazine I founded, edit, and publish, was released today! This issue revolves around substance and sustenance: walls and food. We have some thought provoking and poignant stories, poems, and art surrounding perceptions, stereotypes, and recipes, immigrants, human bodies, and bodies of water.

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José Angel Araguz
AJ Atwater
Devon Balwit
Kay Bradner
Natalie Campisi
Simona Carini
Sanchita Chatterjee
Steve Colori
William Cullen Jr.
Christina Dalcher
Robert Del Tredici
Merridawn Duckler
Carrie Foulkes
Ame Gilbert
E. Laura Golberg
Jayne Guertin
Grace Hwang
Jeffrey Jullich
Rebecca Landau
Anna Lewis
Tom Montag
Rebecca Oet
Ajay Patri
Anthony Sandy
Ray Scanlon
Shunmel Syau
Chris Wu