Lucky 7 Book Art Bundles

I've experimented and made hundreds of book structure models over the years, painted and blank, stenciled, stitched, and woven. You may have seen them here on the blog, or  in one of the instructional books I've written, or maybe even in a class or workshop I've given. They represent much work and play. I went through and assembled ten bundles for your perusal, offering the bundles on nevermindtheart, my Etsy shop. You can write, draw, or collage on top of the painted pages, use them for travel, special occasions, journals, or gifts, or keep them as models for your own projects. Some of the journals have plain white or black paper, and the painted boxes could benefit from your additional content.

All ten bundles are shown and described below. For easy identification (I hope) I've given them simple names as well. You can find the direct listing here.
Addendum 6.27.17: these sold out, but I will try to assemble another group in the next couple weeks!
BUT WAIT! Due to a glitch (my apologies to those who didn't get their first choice!), three are available again: {3. Romantic Purples} {8. Autumn Muse} {9. Found & Transformed}.
Addendum 7.1.17: Just these two: {3. Romantic Purples} and {9. Found & Transformed}.

1. Curious Patterns 
fishbone fold, three softcover journals with red/blue/green pages, album fold with rounded corners, Australian piano-hinge, two-as-one hardcover, multiple signature soft cover, painted box; bonus: all three softcover journals as a set

2. Earth/Sea 
buttonhole stitch, fishbone fold, woven accordion in softcover slipcase, Coptic with painted cover, painted circle accordion, painted hardcover circle accordion with fish stencil and pockets, painted box; bonus: multiple signature soft cover

3. Romantic Purples
hourglass binding, fishbone fold with shaped edges, crossed-structure, flag book with origami pockets, circle accordion with dark painted paper and eye stencils, pocket circle accordion, checked hardcover with black pages

4. Bold Brights
thick notepad in hardcover portfolio, French link stitch with origami pocket pages, painted circle accordion, woven accordion in softcover slipcase, hardcover accordion with pocket pages, codex sewn over tabs, painted box; bonus: small fishbone fold

5. Modern Inventive
pocket-sized cross-structure, fishbone fold, painted hardcover with house-shaped pages, hardcover crown binding, secret Belgian binding (criss-cross) with painted pages, painted circle accordion, checked hardcover with black pages; bonus: tiny portfolio

6. Velvet Thoughts
black velvet hardcover with black accordion pages, hourglass, fishbone fold, “Lost and Found” painted hardcover with single flag pages, painted circle accordion, painted circle accordion with black cover, checked hardcover with black pages
note: black velvet has a pretty burnout pattern, how-to at this link

7. Bright & Centered
mini woven codex with painted pages, French link stitch with envelope pocket pages and pamphlets, fishbone fold, painted hardcover Venetian blind with bead toggle, painted circle accordion, square box with painted paper covering, checked hardcover with black pages

8. Autumn Muse
hardcover book with paper bag pages, woven accordion in softcover slipcase, secret Belgian binding (criss-cross) with painted pages, crossed-structure, woven codex with flower stencil on cover, hinged triptych with photos, clamshell box with printed hands; bonus: mini fishbone fold

9. Found & Transformed
box made of found book covers, fishbone fold, crossed structure with found cover, painted circle accordion, “fortuneMATCH” accordion with tiny envelopes and paper-fastener volvelle, woven accordion in softcover slipcase, hardcover with map pages

10. Summer View
hardcover multiple signature with blue and yellow handmade papers and envelopes from Barcelona, crossed structure, hardcover two-as-one with handmade paper with embedded flowers and ribbon, woven accordion in softcover slipcase, hardcover back-to-back accordion with multicolored tie and stenciled cards, circle accordion with fish imagery, painted circle accordion; bonus: wrapped hard cover accordion with black paper

Lucky 7 Book Art Bundles and other books may be purchased here.