Lucky 7 Book Art Bundles: Take Three and That's All!

Thanks everyone, for your interest in my work! The previous bundles sold out within 24 hours of announcement. Of the models, I think I'm down to what I can bear to part with now, and am posting these last ten bundles on nevermindtheart. Each is unique. Several have indicators on them that I made them, several are blank so you can use them. I hope you will use them, that's what they are for! More details at each individual listing

This is the last batch for the summer, anyway, but there are still Painted Paper Collage Packs, Creative Arts Process Cards, Star 82 Review subscriptions, a set of vintage letterpress party invitations, and other things available. (Addendum: 7/11/17 8:20AM, five still available.)

These are Deluxe Bundles and come with a bonus pack of 6 pieces of ephemera: letterpress or painted cards, notepad, book model and/or valentines (not shown, but included!).

21. Good Day Sunshine: gold and blue Japanese book cloth covered clamshell box that holds all the little books; pivoting panels with girl; flower fold with painted paper, gold embossing and gold ribbons; painted paper French link stitch with pockets; hardcover ledger style with beads and first page written as “Word Book encyclope/idea”; hardcover two-as-one with paste paper endpapers and white paper book block; painted paper fan book with post and screw binding; bonus: miniature hardcover stab binding with tabbed pages; (2) two-as-one with translucent cover SOLD

22. Drawing Room Burgundy: burgundy Japanese book cloth covered clamshell box; buttonhole with painted paper; hardcover fishbone fold with painted paper; handmade paper covers on pocket accordion with ribbon tie; hardcover multiple signature with shaped recess on cover and the word “fingerprints” handwritten inside with small square of painted paper; “admit one” flag book with tickets and reused bookcover; softcover painted paper covers with ledger style binding and white paper book block, small “key” charm SOLD

23. Expressive Notes: painted paper album style accordion; painted paper cover with exposed stitch binding and white book block; Coptic with distressed cover, yellow waxed linen thread, and “Said” debossed on front “This End Up” on back; hardcover wrapped with SF Bay Area map with small signatures sewn to accordion with white paper book block; painted paper wrapped box with attached scroll; hardcover blizzard book with music notes paper covering and white pockets, magnetic closure; painted paper two-as-one; bonus: Coptic with single corrugated cardboard boards

24. Gems: brush book with painted papers; buttonhole stitch with painted papers; hourglass binding with white paper book block; two-as-one with painted paper; purple and gold brocade covered shadow box or slipcase; handmade paper covers on accordion with pockets; painted paper circle accordion (lots of shiny pearlescence here!)

25. Tide Pool: paste paper exposed stitch with origami pockets; painted paper two-as-one; sparkly fishbone fold; hardcover stab binding with translucent pages; painted paper album accordion with window on cover and rounded corners, date stamped throughout “Jan 03 2006” (pink spot on back); portfolio with birdlike painted paper and cloth covers, red ribbon tie; paste paper covering paper over hardcover, stab binding with string hybrid with painted paper accordion inside

26. Sea Mystery: painted paper maze accordion book; painted paper woven accordion in softcover slipcase; handmade paper slot and tab; thick painted paper circle accordion; painted paper two-as-one; hardcover single signature; Coptic with painted paper and debossed, “Made In” inset painted paper and “AG 2005” on back  SOLD

27. Scenic Route: painted paper pages with French link stitch over tabs and “I Want To Speak to You in Your Own Language” in white on the cover, “2006 Golden” on the back; painted paper two-as-one; hardcover accordion with pocket pages made of glassine; small crossed structure with painted paper cover and dark painted paper book block; hardcover stab binding with map covers and “camping” written on cover, cream paper book block; hourglass binding with multicolored threads; Coptic with painted paper “X O X” debossed on the front cover, “AG 2005” on back; bonus; one small origami pocket SOLD

28. Sandy Shore: thick painted paper circle accordion; “admit one” flag book with tickets and reused bookcover; multiple signatures sewn through the hardcover, paste paper with mixed papers book block, attached found “sale price” tag; painted paper two-as-one; sparkly blue fishbone fold; hardcover split board binding with paste paper endpapers and white book block; paste paper accordion with hardcovers, backed with black paper, red ribbon tie SOLD

29. Circle’s Edge: two-as-one with translucent cover; flag book with painted paper flags and attached absurd words, title is “Wall spoon, wrapped hard covers; hardcover with painted accordion pages, gold foil stamping “At Circle’s Edge” and small hooked rug attached to the cover! also debossed “Alisa Golden”; exposed stitch with handmade paper, white paper book block with fold outs and circles cut in some of the pages; painted paper Coptic with “Gathers” debossed on cover, “AG 2005” on back, inset pieces of painted paper on cover; slipcase masquerading as a book with decorative paper covers, painted papers; hardcover portfolio with ribbon tie

30. Summer Beach Walk: painted paper circle accordion with “I want to tell you” handwritten on first page; hardcover with accordion and glass beads attached to the cover in a spiral, spirals stenciled on first page; painted paper two-as-one; painted paper two-as-one with “words and a” in small collage on cover; Coptic with red and white pages, reused book cover; hardcover multiple signature with paste paper covering boards and painted paper end sheets, cream book block; painted paper winged book with “The Big Chase” debossed on the cover, “AG 05” on back cover