Lucky 7 Book Art Bundles: Take Two

No sooner than I announced them, the original Lucky 7 Book Art Bundles were sold out, almost. Thank you! I've been going through the studio to see what other models, seconds, boxes, and partially made projects and treasures I have squirreled away, and there seems to be a bounty. I've posted ten more bundles at nevermindtheart, in a flash, six have already sold (Addendum: 7/7/17 sold out, but there will be one more round coming next week, and I think that is all I've got! And you might want to take advantage of the new Painted Paper Collage Packs: once those are gone, they are gone). Each is listed as a separate item this time to guarantee that when you order you will get the one you desire. More details and photos at each listing. And some other new things as well!

11. Ocean: mini Coptic with two colors of thread (paired needle) and cream paper; medium painted origami pocket envelope; softcover ledger style with soft pages; hardcover with thick white and painted paper and ribbon tie; painted paper covering boards with white paper; painted softcover with bubbles/circles; painted softcover with exposed stitching

12. Street Color: frottage paste paper hardcover journal with rounded cloth spine and ribbon bookmark (boards slightly wide, could hold a writing tool here); buttonhole stitch with found papers; four mini models: Australian flat spine piano hinge, crossed structure, crown binding, album style; painted paper and half cloth with painted pages; bonus three: exposed stitch model with irregular map pages; two pamphlets: one single signature, one two-as-one SOLD

13. Spring Bright: frottage paste paper hardcover journal with white pages, painted endpapers; half cloth painted paper hardcover with painted pages; pamphlet with sewn collage and white paper; flag book with painted envelope flags and flower collage on cover with ribbon tie; circle accordion with white paper and printed with cats on the front and birds on the back with ampersand at the spine; Coptic with painted pages and wrapped hard covers; multiple signature with flexible spine and signatures sewn to accordion

14. Water’s Edge: Coptic with painted paper; Coptic with distressed cover “Doors in the Harbor”; hardcover with paper bag pages; hardcover portfolio with ribbon tie and printed with a marbled paper look; large crossed structure with bundled threads and thick Strathmore drawing paper; circle accordion with painted pages and small stencil of white fish; winged book with painted paper SOLD

15. Hearth: hardcover portfolio with ribbon tie and cloth spine; mini hardcover portfolio with frottage paste papers and cloth spine; mix and match accordion with painted paper and stencils; crown book with masks  or catlike painted pages;  painted paper sewn onto tabs; two-as-one hardcover with painted pages; bonus: hardcover pants book SOLD

16. Iridescence: postcard portfolio with ribbon tie (I use one when I travel); painted paper back-to-back accordion with stenciled cards; small Coptic; hardcover with painted paper and origami pockets; softcover exposed stitch with book cloth cover; crown binding with painted paper; hardcover accordion with signatures and pockets  SOLD

17. Living Room: flag book with hard covers and painted pages, “stirring”; winged book with hard covers, “Would You”; hardcover stab binding with striped paper and circle; hardcover multiple signature with painted cloth cover and painted paper end sheets; painted paper hardcover with origami pockets; softcover with painted paper, gesso “label” for your title, ribbon bookmark and painted pages; hardcover portfolio with cloth spine, ribbon tie; bonus: “admit one” combination flag and pants book with tickets SOLD

18. Bright Life: hardcover portfolio with ribbon tie; small stab binding; painted woven accordion with matching slipcase; hardcover with painted pages; accordion with painted cover and cats and birds; hardcover with painted paper cover and origami pockets; hardcover accordion with signatures and pockets; bonus: hardcover pants book with blue paper

19. Red and Gold: postcard portfolio (I use one when I travel); ledger with soft pages and raffia; secret Belgian binding with painted pocket pages; sketchbook with debased illustration (see detail photo at nevermindtheart); pamphlet with exposed stitch; circle accordion with painted pages; painted paper notebook with rounded corners and black cover

20. Some Birds; painted paper crossed structure; flag book with handcarved bird stamp; album accordion with painted pages; exposed stitch with colorful cord; painted paper hardcover with white paper; painted paper portfolio with cloth spine; hardcover accordion with cloth-covering boards and bead closure SOLD

Separately, I've also added two different kinds of miniatures, each under three inches:

a miniature painted cross-structure with faux gold leaf in a clear acrylic case (4 available)

and a pair of stormy mini journals or gifts in brightly colored slipcase (3 available. Slipcase colors: sun yellow, spring green, or bright sky blue)

Also new: Painted Paper Collage Packs. A unique collection of hand painted paper. Each colorful pack is bursting with scraps of painted papers I've created over the years. Plenty for a collage party! nevermindtheart