Bluebird Whisperings

I have been telling my next-door neighbor about the bluebirds, but he hadn't seen them. On my way to the corner market I heard their songs and stopped to look around. This little guy, an aspiring star, modeled for me on the fence. I've been hoping to catch a picture for weeks. The afternoon light was just right. A miraculously warm day today.

He seemed as curious about me as I of him.

He let me pull out my camera. Usually, they don't let me get so close (these images are cropped as tightly as possible).

Would he let me get closer? Nope. Off he flew.

"You're a bluebird whisperer!" 

I turned to find that my neighbor had been watching me and the bird from his car. I'm definitely not a bluebird whisperer. But I was glad my neighbor got to see the Western Bluebird up close. And that I can finally share these pictures of the bird that inspired my print.

Addendum 2.1.18