Every Little Bit Helps!

As the editor of an art and literary magazine now for five years, I am always wondering what is my job here: how can I help? I can publish writers and artists, helping them add to their resumes. I can give encouragement whenever possible, to bolster the creative process. I can also nominate the authors I publish for awards. Periodically I find a new award I can nominate to. The obvious ones are the Pushcart Prize and Best of the Net

Last year, for the first time, I nominated a story for the 2016 Vestal Review Award, known as The VERA. I'm pleased to say that Gen Del Ray's story, "Tough" from Star 82 Review, issue 4.1 is on the short list. This is how it goes: editors nominate one story from all the stories they've published in a given year, then the editors at Vestal Review choose five, and now it is up to you, the public, to vote. If Gen, or one of the others wins, he is awarded $100 and another publication. The runner-up gets publication at Vestal Review's "usual terms." As an added bonus, this would also shine light on *82 Review and help other authors in turn.

Showing that you care by reading the work of everyday writers and online magazines is a way you can help creative artists. The stories are all under 500 words. You can read all five and vote on them here: http://www.vestalreview.org/vestal-review-flash-fiction-2014-award/

Copies of Star 82 Review, 4.1 are available here.