Chinese New Year Haiku Card from Katherine Ng

Last year I posted here all the Chinese New Year cards sent to me by Katherine Ng. The Year of the Dog card arrived recently. After twelve years she began alliterative haikus about the animal. Katherine has remained constant and doggedly kept on printing the cards.

My first of the year event was sighting a White-tailed Kite with a friend at the Albany Bulb, a place worthy of its own post. This is a crop of a picture I took. She's pretty, isn't she?

We stood watching and witnessed the male alight on her back for a quickie! The second time, several minutes later, she rebuffed him. When he returned he brought something in his talons. I'm pretty sure we heard squeaking. The female flew up to greet him and in the air, he handed off the mouse present to her! Now, he's a proven provider. 

There is nothing better than staying in one place long enough. You just never know what you will receive.


Lisa Greenbow said…
Lucky you. What a great sighting.
Alisa said…
Lisa, I am really new to this, but so much happens when you start looking and listening, too!