Scrappy Valentine's Day

Here's some love for you. Small sachet hearts made from my Seraph: the Holy Quilt scraps. The quilt just has black and white and silver, but I had printed some with pink. They are filled with cotton batting trimmings and lavender.

Stitched up with pink embroidery thread, kinda like a football.
Little punky, wabi-sabi hearts.

If you would like one and you are one of the first three people to comment and are willing to send me your paper mail address (U.S. delivery only) by email, I'll send you one!
Thanks for reading.

Scrappy Valentine's Day.


Kara said…
These are so sweet! Who wouldn't want one!
AES said…
Oh, Alisa, I would love one! Thank you :) <3
And happy V-day to you, too!
Alisa said…
:) They smell nice, too. Okay Kara and AES, send me your paper mail addresses via email and off one goes to each of you!
AES said…
Thank you so much <3
Leslie said…
Oh, my! I love these! Happy belated Valentine's Day!
susan doggett said…
These are lovely. I think I will begin making wabi-sabi hearts from my scrap stash.
Your blog posts are always highlights in my days. Thank you
Alisa said…
Leslie, one is yours, if you are in the US and would like one. Just email me your paper mail address!
Leslie said…
Thank you so much, Alisa.
Alisa said…
Leslie—you're welcome! I'll send it out Friday or Monday.

Susan—glad you are enjoying the posts. have fun making hearts!