Star 82 Review 6.1 Is Now Live!

"Still here, Captain." I hear Scotty's voice from Star Trek in my head each time I release a new issue of the online and print, art and literary magazine, Star 82 Review. And here's another! An interesting, thoughtful, and heartfelt blend of distinctive voices, just like always, but somehow this time even more so. Each piece is short and can be viewed or read when you have a moment here or there, enjoyed like a good snack. Of course you can dig in all at once, too.

Easy access!

6.1 web is here.
6.1 print is here.

You can keep up-do-date with the news from the magazine and read the found poem created from the first two or last two words from each written piece at the Star 82 Review FaceBook page here.

Happy Reading!

6.1 Contributors
Claire Ahn
Kathryn Almy
Dan Alter
Micki Blenkush
Chris Bullard
Marion Cohen
Tommy Dean
Carol L. Deering
Salvatore Difalco
Jaimee Hills
Richard Kostelanetz
Jessica Lawless
Kali Lightfoot
Doug Mathewson
Angelina Oberdan
Deonte Osayande
Tammy Peacy
Alejandro PĂ©rez
Jenn Powers
Terese Robison
Valorie K. Ruiz
Tim Sharman
Cathryn Shea
Alan Simmons
Michael Dwayne Smith
M. Stone
Debbie Theiss
Landa wo