The Joy of Materials: at the Quilt Fair

On March 18, I went over to the Craneway Pavilion in Richmond for the quilt show and fair, Voices in  Cloth put on by the East Bay Heritage Quilters. I knew I would have to ration myself, that there would be some interesting materials. I went a few years ago, but was not so actively working with textiles then. 

Several hundred quilts were on display, including a special section with some lovely textile work from Korea. There is also a blog by Mirka Knaster, one of the curators, that show Korean images here. And more images at Youngmin Lee's blog hereThe Korean quiltwork interests me even more now that I saw the Korean Couture show at the Asian Art Museum in January. The use of what looks like silk organza is stunning.

Previously, photos were not allowed. This time I could take some for personal reference only, but not to share, so I will list some links of a few people who made quilts I admired. 
Jungsik Kim, "Cheokgeori" ("a rack of books" made with traditional Korean paper)
Young Won Kwon, "The Aesthetics of Line/Moon Jar"
Ye Ryung Cho, "Beyond"
Youngmin Lee, "Out of the Box II"
Roberta Horton, "Indigo Rag/Boro"
Jan Etre, "Foray into Shibori"
Jennie Alexich, "Red Squares"
Mabry Benson, "Kuba"
CL Tree, "Aqua"
and the hilarious "Godzilla Fakemono" by Ryan Young made from up cycled denim and with a patch of Godzilla on the back.

My purchases.

Picked up the beautiful sashiko thread at Kimonomomo. Sashiko supplies are hard to find here, but I discovered these folks have a by-appointment-only shop in Alameda, CA. They also have an Etsy shop. I am so doomed.

Two spools of sweet antique silk thread from Tinsel Trading, a shop on my side of town, but I've never been inside. It has all kinds of vintage notions. And a textile roll, which appears to be a strip from a quilt (early 1900s). Someone magical about this object. But it is disintegrating. I'm not sure exactly what to do with it or if I will try to preserve it. I just like it. Had a brief but enjoyable talk with Marcia Ceppos, the proprietor. Read their fascinating story here.

The original quilt seems to have been backed in the green plaid cloth.

And three jars of Jacquard "Lumiere light body metallic acrylic" fabric paint from Sproule Studios. Great for stenciling. The paint stays soft after it is applied. Had a nice chat with April, the proprietor about art, crafts, and teaching. I could feel her excitement about all of these things, and I recognize a good teacher in her. Read her About Us page and check out her last paragraph to see what I mean.


Anonymous said…
Just spent more than I should at the kimonomomo etsy shop. Great post, shared with everyone on FB.
Alisa said…
Thanks dkatiepowellart!
Ahhh, so much fun! Then you probably saw that kimonomomo has the cutest cat-patterned and other Japanese fabrics, too.
Anonymous said…
Yes.... and they will be made into pot holders for our home and offices as i start my journey into fabric art. Good practice pieces. I need to visit these stores!