Collage with Self-stick Stabilizer

The scraps are piling up, and they are too small to sew. So? Perhaps fifteen years ago, I had purchased a material called "Mokuba: free lace sheet," but I never used it. I've thought about it periodically, mostly because my friend Lisa Kokin uses Sulky Solvy, or a version of it, for her artwork. Lisa just had an exquisite exhibition called Lucre at Seager Gray Gallery in Mill Valley in which she created lacy wall pieces with shredded money and metallic threads. You can see the work at her website here. Her "Let Them Eat Cake" series is awe-inspiring.

I took out the Mokuba and had fun playing with my scraps. These little pieces would be nice inset on the cover of a black journal (see how here). I'll try out the Solvy next, since it seems easier to find.

Here's the scoop.

1. Cut a strip and peel off the backing.
2. Arrange your scraps/collage.

 3. Place the clear film over the collage.

4. Sew in any pattern you like, but do sew fairly close together. Grids are easy by machine stitching because you can align the presser foot with the first line and continue from there.

5. Now the magic! Rinse the piece. The film and the backing sheet dissolve like those rice wrappers you might have seen around candy.

6. Iron dry at a medium temperature.

7. Trim off stray threads.

And there you have it!
All connected and flat.
Now go see Lisa's work!

Addendum 10:10am: Just got back from JoAnn's and discovered the differences in the Solvy products. Sulky Fabri-Solvy would be the equivalent of the Mokuba bottom sheet, and apparently you can print on it. Sulky Solvy (lightweight), Sulky Super Solvy (medium: 2x as thick) or Sulky Ultra Solvy (heavyweight: 4x as thick) would be the equivalent of the clear top. I'm guessing the Super Solvy would work best of the three top sheets for this kind of project.


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Thanks for the Lisa connection...