Enchanted Egg Pin Cushions

I've been sewing and enjoying my little wabi-sabi egg. It holds my needle while I am in progress on a project and livens up my day. Since I had more garnet emery, which is supposed to help keep needles sharp, I started making more. The eggs feel enchanted and have become little studies in color and texture. They are a nice weight in the palm of the hand. Each egg takes a few hours to make. I'm putting them up to share at my Etsy store: nevermindtheart. I'll be able to ship them on Monday, April 16.

At the moment, there are fourthree / two of the eggs shown here. Reserve yours now by placing an order!

A Robin's egg blue one.
(SOLD 4.14.18)

A lively leaf one.

A forests and trees one.

And a black and tan handwriting one.
(4.14.18: SOLD)

A little velvet here and there.
A little gold metallic thread.
Nestled in a swirl of raffia, each will be packed in a little clear bag.
A little visual poem.

Happy spring!

Addendum: I will be making two more…