Never Mind the New Website & Print

It was time to update. With a little help from my friend, I was able to put together a simple, streamlined website that would be visible on the phone. Same web address: but new design. The old one became tangled as I moved back and forth from printing to felting to sewing, from one-of-a-kind work to editioned books and back.

In the new system I have a home page with a brief statement and in addition to a contact page, two main areas: art and writing. And if you like rabbit holes and worm holes and black holes, the old website is still there: the link is at the bottom of the home and contact pages.

It was interesting going through this process, looking through everything and choosing what to include. I could see my interests more clearly, see the throughpoint of my work, the common themes and styles even in the varied materials and processes.

To mark the occasion, or any occasion really, I've letterpress printed a postcard/small linocut print. Now available in a varied set of four with free shipping at nevermindtheart.

Thanks for reading!