Star 82 Review 6.3 Is Live!

Another season, another issue of Star 82 Review, the art and literary magazine I founded, edit, design, and publish. This is a nice one, and it includes an ekphrastic poem from book artist Charles Hobson, among other neat stuff. In this fall issue, 6.3, we have students at many levels, from first time published writers and artists to those who are established, all writing from the heart and following their curiosity. We're all still learning, and we continue to wonder at the mystery of what lies ahead in our everyday lives.

6.3 online is here.
6.3 print is here.

You can keep up-do-date with the news from the magazine and read the found poem created from the first two or last two words from each written piece at the Star 82 Review FaceBook page here

(I'll have back issues of *82 at booth #13 this Sunday, Sept. 23, for the Roadworks event, 11am to 4pm, in San Francisco.)


Ross Allison
Sharon Ankrum
A. Anupama
Flo Au
Dianne Ayres
Marie Baléo
Erin Barnett
Micki Blenkush
Mandy Chen
Martha Christina
Alexandra Cline
Douglas Cole
Lucia Dill
Woody Evans
Mike Ferguson
Kaori Fujimoto
Charles Hobson
James Croal Jackson
Alyse Knorr
Kali Lightfoot
Connie Liu
Jessy Randall
Ona Siporin
Janet Stevenson
Jrake Sudario
Foster Trecost
Sheree Winslow
Marjory Woodfield