Velma's Paper Wraps a Box

Remember that nice eco-printed, botanical contact printed paper I bought from Velma Bolyard at Codex? If not, these were they.

It's Arches Text Wove, a very sturdy textweight paper. While I love both sides of the papers, I wanted to make and wrap a box for a friend. When I have something specific in mind, I love making gifts because I can think about my friend, what she likes, and what I like about her. In this case, I had the added bonus of feeling a warm connection to the materials.

I first built a little 4" x 3" x 1.75" box from book board. It was the cigar box style that I wrote about here. After seven years, I've found that the box and lid attachment is sturdier if you wrap the lid and connect it with the covering paper (which includes flaps) to the bottom box first, then wrap the sides (making them exactly flush with the outside corners), inner top lid lining, side fold-downs inside, bottom inside lining, and bottom outside.

Two of Velma's paper strips covered this box nicely, inside and outside. (I think they were pieces one and four from the above photo.)

I added a few things to personalize it. I'm glad I have two more strips. I may have to make another.


Velma Bolyard said…
Oh, lovely! I like how you used that cedar starburst as an interior surprise!
Alisa said…
Thanks, Velma! It really is such fun paper to work with. More to come… : )