Star 82 Review Pocket Poems: 100 Short Poems + 25 images

To celebrate six years of publishing Star 82 Review, my art and literary, online and print publication, and inspired by National Poetry Month, I've chosen 100 very short poems and 25 black and white artworks and recombined them into one new anthology: Star 82 Review Pocket Poems.

I liked revisiting and reactivating the poems, bringing them back up to the surface. We are so conditioned to want the latest and newest that older issues tend to float away, while in reality, all the work is great and timeless. We're still reading 19th century poets, why can't we go back and read poems from last year or the past decade? We can!

This thick, 140-page book is that nice pocket size: 4.25 x 6.75" and meant to be carried around and leisurely dipped into. While all of the poems are listed and linked on one page online for convenience, the book is really the baby.

Online contents and link to previous issues:

Pocket-sized print version:

Thanks again, to all the contributors!