Star 82 Review Reading at Etui in July

When Alice Armstrong asked if I would teach for the new shop she was opening with Bethany Carlson Mann, we met at the building in its raw state. She showed me two rooms, one would be the shop, the other would be the workshop, where they would hold the classes. She pointed out the storage closet that would hold all the crepe paper they would need, which mystified me. Until I saw the classes offered included creating realistic looking fruit and flowers out of it. I will be teaching one workshop there, also in July, and Pietro Accardi will be teaching marbling and boxmaking there as well.

Last week, I dropped off some postcards for the event I'm organizing there. They are hosting a lively reading of Star 82 Review contributors, celebrating community, the new Pocket Poems Anthology and the release of 7.2, the twenty-sixth issue of the art and literary magazine I founded and continue to edit.

Star 82 Review Lively Reading
Etui Shop: 2518 San Pablo Ave, Berkeley
Friday, July 12, 2019, 4-6pm
(starting as close to four as possible)

Readers are: Dan Alter, Maxine Chernoff, Alastair Johnston, Sarah Kobrinsky, Lynn Mundell, Jaime Robles, and yours truly.

We were last able to have a reading when we were invited by Sarah in 2014 to have it at Jered's Pottery, and it was wonderful to bring the written work to life. I like to reactivate the words that might otherwise get buried between pages or tangled in the Web. And it's fun to meet the writers and introduce them to each other and to the public at large. Something joyful to raise our spirits.

The reading, with more chairs, will likely take place in the workroom.

Etui, as printed on their business cards is defined as: (noun) 1: a case for items beautiful and useful; 2: a shop, classroom, and atelier in Berkeley.

View from the classroom into the shop.

This is what you will see when you walk in the front door. Or, at least, is what I saw.
The doorway between the two spaces, although not visible in this photo, is on the right.

crepe paper, employed as flowers and fruit, among other tiny delicacies

tea and teacups, and a selection of rubber stamps and felt, books, and cards

pens, ink, brushes, books, glue, other art supplies
Making Handmade Books is here, too!
And Star 82 Review Pocket Poems.

Apparently, this whole display had just sold (wedding? bridal store?)

vintage items


vintage items, creations, and some handmade books with eco-print paper covering

If you are in town, I hope you will join us for a lively afternoon on July 12!