Star 82 Review Summer 7.2 Is Here!

Star 82 Review 7.2, the quarterly art and literary magazine I founded six years ago and continue to design and edit, is now live online! Thanks to all the contributors for a wonderful collection of symbols and signs, tastes, smells, and observations. As usual, the content is accessible online, and print issues are available for purchase at Lulu. The magazine is printed in full color with amazing art in every issue alongside poetry and stories, real and imagined. My goal is to publish well-crafted work that has heart, humanity, humility and humor, and that will give us sustenance.


If you are interested in a prepublication discount on future issues, please sign up at the pop-up window at The emails are kept confidential.

7.2 Contributors
Marcia Krause Bilyk
Micki Blenkush
Prince A. Bush
Martha Christina
K.M. Crane
Carol Dorf
Jenna Heller
David Johnson
Kali Lightfoot
Margaret Madole
Delvon T. Mattingly
Todd Mercer
Noriko Nakada
Erica Soon Olsen
Louisa Owen
Jory Post
Sofia Rybkina
Spencer Sapienza
Fabio Sassi
Daryl Scroggins
Sarah Shapiro
Michael Thompson
Jennifer Vaknine
Alia Hussain Vancrown
Mark Lee Webb