Lucky 7 Book Art Bundles 2019

I've made many book models over the years: for classes, workshops, blog posts, tests for my designs and to show in my instructional books. It appears I am still making them, but the grown-up ones now need homes out in the world. Roaming the studio, I began pulling books off of shelves, out of boxes and drawers, and sorting them into collections. I've posted seven new collections at nevermindtheart at the Lucky 7 Book Art Bundles link here. Each collection is unique, and each book within it is one-of-a-kind. So I gave them names. A few highlights are listed below.

Forest Walk
Lots of lively painted pieces plus one of the first Winged Book models (I called it Check Book then) and a Single Sewn boards and Fishbone fold model.

Twilight View
More painted paper pieces, including a tiny pearlescent Tied binding and a Coptic-bound book with black covers. The larger flat book in lower left has beautiful store-bought suminagashi endpapers. Linked Hinge model in upper left with monotype experiment of Bird of Paradise on cover.

Sunny Window
The center Circle Accordion has a crow I painted that I'm attached to, but perhaps you can give the birdy a good home? An early model of the Linked Hinge binding I dreamed is in upper left with letterpress overprinting from offcuts of another project; the inner colors paper is blank so you can write in it.

Another Linked Hinge binding in the very center with painted and paper stenciled with my handmade crow feather stencil; rustic and thick journal in center back with lots of blank pages for drawing or writing practice; a 2D collage with paper I made years ago.

The Linked Hinge binding with tea-dyed paper is in lower left. A nice painted Circle Accordion with areas left intentionally blank where you could write or draw; a Crisscross (aka Secret Belgian) painted paper book in lower right; and an Hourglass book with Paperwood paper and eyelet, lower center right.

Seaside Stroll
A painted Drum Leaf book in the center back; a painted paper stick binding with colorful waxed linen threads; a hardcover Fishbone fold; a painted paper Blizzard book.

An hourglass model with blank pages; a thick Zen or Grunge journal sewn onto ribbons for your drawing or writing practice; a painted paper cover for a Crossed-Structure Binding variation; a model of the roll up box I made from Hedi Kyle's book.

More descriptions at nevermindtheart.
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