Star 82 Review Fall 7.3 Is Here!

It's a comfort to me to find stories, poems and art that are complex and imaginative, so I am happy to release another issue of Star 82 Review, the online and print magazine I founded, design, and edit. This issue holds up different lenses to the world, showing how each of our experiences helps shape us and see things in various ways. We have a poem about roping cows, one about dresses with pockets, an ode to a park, and reflections on regret, children, grandparents, and shared struggles, among others. The things that make us human.

7.3 online is here.
7.3 print version may be ordered here. (There is also a link to it at the foot of the online page.)

Thank you for reading!

Dan Alter
Robert Beveridge
Dmitry Blizniuk
Roger Camp
Martha Christina
Genevieve Creedon
William Cullen Jr.
Susan Dashiell
Nicholas DelloRusso
Maggie Dove
S. Preston Duncan
Jodie Filan
Robert Funderburk
Sergey Gerasimov
Carmen Gordon-Rein
Nels Hanson
Tracy Ann Johnson
Toshiya Kamei
Sarah Kobrinsky
Elaine Mead
Catfish McDaris
Oak Morse
Karen Neuberg
Deonte Osayande
Leland Seese
Natsumi Tanaka
Michael Thompson
Dan Wiencek
Roy White
Sophia Zhang