Materials: Color Magnet

Dharma Trading has all kinds of interesting materials to play with. One is called Color Magnet, also by Jacquard, maker of noted textile products. The jar suggests using it for screenprint, stencil, and stamping. I tried it out with a handmade stencil of ginkgo leaves and stamping with the edge of a book board scrap.


When wet, the medium is gooey, like instant pudding, and bright yellow, like lemon pie. But not to be eaten! Since you work on undyed cloth, the yellow makes it easy to see where you've been. It washes out of your brush like any other waterbased medium, so it must dry completely on the cloth to work. Several hours or overnight, in the sun, or dried with a hairdryer.


Once it's dry you can soak it in the soda ash solution, following instructions in Hand Dyed: A Modern Guide to Dyeing in Brilliant Color for You and Your Home by Anna Joyce. These two were soaked about 20-30 minutes. I'm using up the rest of my mixed moss green dye. It seemed a shame to throw it down the drain when there was more experimenting to do.

The cloths were crumpled up in their little containers for a variegated look.

After about an hour I put them in their plastic bags. But didn't wait very long. Rinsed out. Let dry on the line. Neat! The treated areas are darker than the background.



When I poured the last of the dye down the drain I noticed it had gotten very weak, diluted from all those soda ash-soaked cloths. But that's kind of perfect for use with the Color Magnet since the patterns really show up.

The next day, I went further with the stamped one on the left and stamped deColourant on top with a smaller board.