Dye Experiments with Maroon Dye

Still so much to dye and see. Continuing on, consulting Hand Dyed: A Modern Guide to Dyeing in Brilliant Color for You and Your Home by Anna Joyce for inspiration and techniques.

This time I'm interested in stamping. I'll do the ice dyeing, too, just because it is so neat to see how the color separates out. Stamping takes a slightly different process. I soaked some of my cloth in a soda ash and water solution for 30 minutes, then hung it out to dry. While that cloth dried, I set up my ice-dye and then began the tub dyeing.

Oh, dear. Not sure what I was thinking.

Couldn't resist doing another shibori pole/tube dyeing.
I only poured dye over it a couple of times, then let it rest on the tub. 
And one thread-tied, rolled-up bundle of sticks and
a plain sewn sleeve for future deColourant.
Well, it's red all right.

Ice-dye on the line.
I began late, at 2:15pm, this shot was from 5:15pm, so 3 hours.

The wet shibori sleeve.
Began at 4:45pm, took out at 8:15pm, 3.5 hours.

The stick bundle, drying. Also 3.5 hours.
I'm really liking the printmaking quality of the stick bundle and how the sticks leave their own colors behind. These are camphor sticks; camphor is my neighborhood's street tree that sheds numerous twigs to the sidewalk. I join the toddlers, who collect them by the fistfuls.

The shibori, threads picked out, dried and ironed.

The next day, when the other sleeve was dry, I tried shibori again, with the deColourant.

Washed out, wet, on the line, 11:41am.

detail of bundled sticks

detail of ice-dyed

 detail of shibori (pole/tube dyed)

 detail of shibori (pole/tube dyed) with deColourant

ice-dyed; stick bundle; shibori; deColourant
all dried and ironed

I'm postponing the stamping experiment and will try it instead with the moss green and raven black, possibly the ultraviolet. I think the patterns will look nicer in those colors. The maroon is redder than I like in general, but I need it for a quilt I have in mind. Stay tuned!