Postcards and a Few More Little Gifts at nevermindtheart

I'm a postcard person. I like them. I buy them. I write them. I also have a stash of postage stamps, and enjoy matching up stamps with the themes of my message or the image on the card. So, what to do with all those bird pictures I've been taking over the years? Put birds on postcards, of course! They are now up at my shop nevermindtheart.

There are eighteen in the Shorebird pack, two of each: three friendly White Pelicans, a Black Oystercatcher with a mussel, Rosie the Osprey, a little family of Barn Swallows, A pair of Barn Owls,  a Black-Crowned Night Heron, a Snowy Egret in a tree, a male Mallard Duck about to step into the water, and a group of Black Turnstones watching the waves. You can find them here.

And because they are cool and smart, a pack devoted to Crows. Contemplative, scavenging, telling jokes (see, there's one on the Oaks sign), walking in snow, crows! They are here.

I also have a few packs of "Poetry Rocks" postcards left. Visual poem jokes with lines on rocks, ready for Thank You, Happy Birthday, One Word, One line poem, and a Haiku.

The photographic postcards are printed on a nice thick cardstock with glossy fronts and matte backs that will accept nearly any pen.

And I still have letterpress postcards too, as well as small and larger book art and handmade journals.

Check them out! I can ship them as soon as you order them.