Star 82 Review Winter 7.4 Is Live

It's that time again! The next issue of Star 82 Review, the online and print magazine I founded, design, and publish, is available. In our twenty-eighth issue we have playful art and writing, the absurd and the thoughtful, all to lighten our spirits and engage our minds and hearts.

The issue can be read for free here:
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Thanks for reading!

Geonni Banner
Amita Basu
Wendy Bourke
Rebecca Buller
Roger Camp
Marizio Castè
Martha Christina
Jane Costain
John Darr
Liz DeGregorio
Coz Frimpong
Laura Garrison
Darryl Graff
Seth Grindstaff
Richard Herring
Michael Hill
LuAnne Holladay
Shaun Holloway
Linda Lowe
Rebecca Minnich
ayaz daryl nielsen
Toti O'Brien
Steven Pelcman
Dan Richman
Lindsay Shen
Mark Simpson
John L. Stanizzi
Robert Stone
Gene Twaronite
Jennifer Woodworth