What? More Coptic Journals at nevermindtheart for 2020?

Wrapping up 2019, I just wanted to play with color and sew something. Plus, someone I know just bought five of the Coptic journals that were up at nevermindtheart on Etsy for gifts (thank you!), so it was time to refresh that page. I could use up some of the painted paper and paste paper scraps I had made and was saving. The day started with three journals but blossomed into seven. I bought a new pad of thick Strathmore drawing paper and cut up the pages, folded them, and pierced them. For this collection, since they were paper covering boards, I glazed the covers with a thin protective coating of acrylic varnish. It gives the books a slight shine and really enlivens the colors. Each is unique. Each has two-color threads for the binding. Pretty!

So, here they are, the 2020 Painted Paper Coptic Journals, featured at nevermindtheart on their own listing. They are a good 4.24" x 6.25" and you can stow a photo or postcard inside. Great for travel journals! That's what I use them for. I'm particularly fond of this forest green and gold one, although I like the "nothing" book, too. And the tangerine is fun. So is the cork with the teal inside. Oh, and the shimmery periwinkle one. The black one with pink is elegant. And the red and purple one is sure lively. Hmmm.

 You can write on the label or remove it.

 Paste paper frottage. If someone asks what you are writing or drawing you can say "nothing."