Looking for Joy: a New Art Quilt

Seeing the Rosie Lee Tompkins quilts at Berkeley Art Museum reinvigorated my art practice and inspired a quilt based on scraps and velvet. As I started laying out scraps, cutting them and moving them around the title came to me: Looking for Joy. And I found it in this process. Perhaps a new groove. I think this, then, is an homage to Rosie Lee Tompkins.

I'm working a little smaller, so I can explore more ideas like scale, texture, and color through fabrics, shapes, and threads. [34 1/2"w x 41 3/4"h (87 cm x 106 cm)]


We got velvet, a sueded cotton, plain cotton, Guatemalan cloth, silk, linen, printed cotton, letterpress printing from wood type on cotton, solar-printing on muslin, and tea-dyed cotton. For threads we have cotton sashiko threads, cotton thread, and polyester thread, some variegated, some single color.

And I finally found a more helpful video tutorial on making the corners here by "Professor Pincushion."