Star 82 Review Spring 8.1 Is Live!

It's nice to have something to sustain us in these impossibly turbulent times. This particular issue of Star 82 Review, the twenty-ninth, is full of thoughtful, amusing, and heartfelt work. I think it is one of my favorites. Perhaps because the deadline was in February, or just perhaps because it is a popular topic, we have an interesting look at love from a variety of angles, among other topics.

From my editor's note: Love can be attention and care; it can hide; it can include a form of belonging; it can be both ephemeral and permanent, and it inevitably comes with loss. A few contributors explore separation and loss, but in ways you might not expect.

And lots of great art this time around, too! New work from Lisa Kokin involves collages made with shredded U.S. currency: it's money, honey! Richard Herring has created some amusing drawings, and we have beautiful prints from several California Society of Printmakers' members: Robynn Smith, Jami Taback, Kim Vanderheiden, and graphic designer Laurie Szujewska, and more.

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M. Shayne Bell
Lily Blackburn
Jill Bronfman
Alessandra Davy-Falconi
Ricardo Elisiário
Mary Grimm
Mark Havlik
Richard Herring
Rich Ives
Maggie James
Angie Kang
Casey Killingsworth
Melissa Knox
Lisa Kokin
Thomas M. McDade
Benjamin Nash
Kevin Ramroop
Pablo Saborío
Dorsía Smith Silva
Robynn Smith
Laurie Szujewska
Jami Taback
Jake Tringali
Kim Vanderheiden
Suzanne Verrall 
Becca Wittman
Jessica Woodward