Lucky 7 Book Arts Bundles 2020

Here comes summer, and I'm investigating the studio, ready for the next adventure. Meanwhile, I've discovered more unique painted books, one-of-a-kind blank books, models, and more that I've kept hidden away, some my favorites, and I'm ready to let them go to a good home. Could that be to you? They are now available individually at nevermindtheart. When they are gone, they're gone.

A preview. Each bundle comes with a bonus or two (not shown). Closeups of each book and their dimensions are shown on the shop pages. Addendum 6.30.20: Just one left.

Lucky 7 Book Arts Bundle: Tropics
painted Fishbone Fold book; painted Australian Flat Spine Piano Hinge Binding; painted Australian Flat Spine Piano Hinge binding; Circle Accordion with black pages and stenciled white rectangles with a poem fragment; mini painted Stick Binding (two-sided); painted hardcover Crown Binding; Hourglass binding with painted paper and gold embossing powder pocket-watch image.
(Two thick blank journals are part of "Tropics.")

Lucky 7 Book Arts Bundle: Journey
SOLD 6.27.20
Paper portfolio with laminated papers, red and purple; three slim paperback sidebound books with tortoiseshell and hemp leaf bindings; one hardcover sidebound book with map covers and black pages; Interlocking Double Accordion model; hardcover Coptic with hand sewing on book cloth.
(Six blank journals are part of "Journey.")

Lucky 7 Book Arts Bundle: Gallery
SOLD 6.19.20
Gallery structure; Crossed Structure with found covers; painted paper Coptic Bound wordless book with "Stop and Yield" stamped on cover and "AG" on the back; Crisscross Binding with map pages; Coptic with single playing cards; painted Circle Accordion; Crossed Structure with letterpress printed covers from photopolymer plates, blank pages and two pages with "never mind the press" linoleum block print at the front.
(Two blank journals are part of "Gallery.")

Lucky 7 Book Arts Bundle: Serene
SOLD 6.19.20
Australian Flat Spine Piano Hinge variation binding with single sheets; Crossed Structure with painted covers; Hardcover dos-a-dos binding with painted paper covers, forest green book cloth spines, two kinds of papers; Interlocking Double Accordion model; Australian Flat Spine Piano Hinge Binding with painted paper cover; Crossed Structure with covered spine; painted Circle Accordion.
(Four blank journals are part of "Serene.")

Four possible sets to start or add to your collection. In past years they went fast.
Also new in the shop: monotypes from the early 2000s and other interesting things, 6.29.20: including waxed linen thread sets in a variety of colors and softcover, Crossed-Structure "nest" journals.