Some Birds Fly: Quiltlet

What can I say? I pulled out what felt like a comfortable size of scrap batting and my baggie of triangles (which were leftovers from the bindings of other quilts), and I began arranging, in the hopes of providing some kind of clarity. Triangles are the basis for the traditional pattern of "flying geese," and I like birds, so there it was. I balanced them down on their points for a previous quilt, They Know Which Way to Go, but this one has nearly all the points pointing up. I don't know if it is because of the pattern or the topic, but the quilt and the quiltlet are connected.

The words came to me as I worked, so I set some wood type and letterpress printed them on cotton cloth. The text can mean a variety of different things, both literally and metaphorically, open to interpretation.

some birds fly
we try not to
interrupt them
but we do

It's about the size of a big piece of drawing paper.

Some Birds Fly
19"w x 25.5"h
cotton scraps; letterpress printing from wood type; 
hand quilted with variegated dyed cotton sashiko thread


And back

It's going to take a while. And it takes work. Together.