Star 82 Review Summer Issue 8.2 Is Now Available

Thirty issues later, here we are, quite a different world than when I released the first issue of the magazine in 2013. In this issue I asked accepted contributors if they would like to create a "shelter-in- place response" piece. Those who felt moved to respond wrote and made their art from Ohio, South Korea, Rhode Island, Australia, Singapore, Illinois, India, Mexico City, Michigan, Idaho, Mississippi, New York, and California, but they feel all of one world.

This particular issue straddles the old life and the new one: pre-COVID and COVID. The subjects of food, relationships, family, and nature are a constant, no matter where we are in time and place. And we are gaining new perspectives on inequities, the way systems work, the sharp uglinesses, and the kindnesses that we do for each other. There is an abundance of time to reflect.

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The cover photo was taken on a whale watching trip to the Farallones last October; oh, that feels so long ago! These sea lions were out in the middle of nowhere on this bell buoy, truly a startling meet up. Every direction we looked we could only see water.

I'm pleased to share this issue with you. I'm glad we are able to go deeper with each of the contributors.

Jamie Alliotts
Daniel Bailey
Carol Barrett
Jan Bartelli
Andrea Byrd
Martha Christina
Benjamin Davis
Erin Jamieson
David Johnson
Robert Keal
Ray Malone
James McAdams
Deonte Osayande
Mandira Pattnaik
Simon Perchik
Oormila Vijayakrishnan Prahlad
Yash Seyedbagheri
John L. Stanizzi
Hsien Min Toh
Emily Weber
John Zheng

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