Combatting Restlessness: More Stuff

Although I used the word "combatting" to title this post, I'm not really trying to fight restlessness so much as give in to it and keep moving. Stopping to analyze restlessness just postpones any work to be done. Dory in Finding Nemo gave me my motto: "Just Keep Swimming."

So, I've made and posted some curious new things at my shop, nevermindtheart.

Nest Softcover Journals

Multicolor Linen Thread Sets (with bonus needle, while they last)
Addendum 7.14.20: these have sold out, but check the shop for new sets/packs. 
Addendum 7.21.20: more are here! new colors coming soon.

Handmade Endband Assortment

Gravity's Angel Book and Paper Weight

Various monotypes from 2001-2002, some made into monotype collages, like this one

I'm sure there will be more.


CrowGirl said…
The link to your shop seems to be broken.
Alisa said…
Yikes! Thanks, CrowGirl. Fixed now!