Resources for Bookmaking and Textiles

Sometimes people ask me to recommend resources for supplies, so here is my shopping list of still-current shops and such for 2020. All sell online.

General Art Supplies + Bookbinding + Fabric Paint
Blick is still my go-to for general art supplies. Artists and Craftsman Supply is always welcoming for the same. Both have bookbinding supplies: archival printmaking paper like Stonehenge and Somerset; Mulberry paper (good for backing cloth); Binder's board (aka Davey board); PVA glue; linen thread; needles; self-adhesive linen tape; limited size, color and texture of book cloth; decorative papers; acrylic gesso; bone folders; scissors; metal rulers; dividers; awls, etc. For textile work, they have a full range of fabric paints.

Book Cloth
Campbell Logan Bindery is my favorite. A family business, very kind people. They have a good range of Japanese book cloth. This is nicer stuff than the little bikini rolls you can get at the art-supply stores. The minimum is five yards: good for an edition or multiples project.

For All Bookbinding Needs
Talas is the place. All tools, materials, different weights of unwaxed linen thread, books on books, archival boxes and storage. You name it.

Waxed Linen Thread
The Caning Shop is where I get the large 100-yard spools. I sell smaller quantities now at nevermindtheart.

Calligraphy and Bookbinding Supplies
John Neal Books has all kinds of pens and inks as well as all the basics for bookbinding.

Fabrics, Dyes and Paints
Dharma Trading Co. is the best. Another local family run business.

Odds and Ends
I've been having good luck lately searching for small things I might normally get from JoAnn (except quilt batting, which I tend to get there) on Etsy. For mask making I was able to find suppliers for small quantities of elastic, nose wires, and stoppers that go on the elastic to make them adjustable.

Silk Thread and Cotton Sashiko Thread
Kimonomomo on Etsy is my favorite supplier for Japanese textile-related purchases. She's an SF Bay Area local.

Online Classes and Virtual Events
Are happening at San Francisco Center for the Book.

Much stuff.