Admission: a New Quiltlet

 "Sit and sew, sit and sew, all she do is just sit and sew." That's from the song "Wedding Dress" by Pentangle on the album Reflection, and I admit that it feels like sewing is all I do, even though I have other projects brewing and simmering. Recently finished is another quiltlet (I made more customized masks in there as well) called, "Admission." 

The quiltlet began with "vintage tickets," a cloth I designed for my Spoonflower shop. I've collected cancelled stamps, envelopes, postcards, tickets and more for years. Some went into an artist book edition that I made and posted about previously: What We ReUse, available at nevermindtheart. But these tickets were scanned from pages I had initially arranged years and years ago. It is interesting to read the stubs and remember the theaters, the prices, the places that are long gone, physically. Little memory jogs, some say.

I then cut up scrap cloth into rectangles, echoing the tickets, and worked from there. In the scrap bag were pieces I had letterpress printed for a previous quilt; I turned all but one over so the letters appeared hidden and slightly ghostly.

I embroidered random words with silk thread: admit, one, secret, truth. The poetic phrase at the bottom came at the end: a secret thorn torn / halfway between / truth and fear / admit one

There's a secret pocket. Can you spot it?

The pocket has a little ticket in it.

Admission is the price paid, the right to enter, the right to access, as well as a disclosure, a divulgence, an acknowledgment, an acceptance.


18.5"w x 37.5"h
Hand-dyed, letterpress printed, and commercially printed cotton scraps, linen, silk thread, hand quilting


Angie said…
What an awesome quiltlet!!
Alisa said…
Thanks, Angie! And thanks for reading.