Big Fires Start Small: a Quiltlet

The working title for this quiltlet was "Fire in the Trees," but the concept grew to something larger, something that could be a metaphor. The design finds itself close on the heels of its sibling, Rough Patch, but I pieced and quilted it last weekend, while I was still in progress on a larger art quilt. I felt like making something small, and I  had a few small pieces of scrap batting that seemed right.

Big Fires Start Small
19 1/2"w x 11"h (50 cm x 28 cm)
Hand-dyed and commercial cottons, velvet, linen, flannel, old corduroy shirt, seed beads
hand quilted with silk thread


I decided on the seed beads when it was all pieced. I'd been wanting to try beading, and I felt it needed a focal point.

That's all I've got for words about it.