New Video for Birds of the Bible: Vulture

It's not too late to learn a new skill. It may even keep you up at night with the excitement of exploring a strange new world. I made one short video to accompany my book Birds of the Book: Raven in an exhibition that has limited access, and it has led me to another, and a third. 

For the second video, I experimented with stop-motion animation in order to show how my artist book functions. A series of stills can give you the idea of how a book opens or how it is to be handled, but the book is meant to move, so, a movie. Again, I read the full text aloud to you.

Here, then, is a link to Vulture

And if you go to my Channel, never mind,  and click on "videos," you can keep up to date on the latest video projects, if you like. I suspect I will be doing this for a few weeks, at least. I will be monitoring and moderating comments there as well.