Response: "United" Linocut Card

 I never set out to make a print, or anything, really. An invisible elbow nudges me, and I comply. And so, after the election, and hope restored, this card. I look forward to a better year in 2021.

The art quilt "Rhymes with Fray" was a previous response, year ago, here.
It seemed fitting to overlay the new card on the old piece for a few photos.

I printed with what is known as a "rainbow roll" or "split-fount," short for "split-fountain." I put red ink on one end of the roller and blue on the other. The colors gradually and inevitably merged into purple.

But first, I drew it backwards on the linoleum block and carved it out.

Sweeping it all up.
I printed 46 copies, in honor of the 46th President-elect Biden.
Twenty-one cards are available at nevermindtheart.
4.25" x 6" / signed & numbered

Thank you for reading; here's a code for 20% off the card there, if you like: UNITED2021