Video: Birds of the Bible: Quail

 The third book in the "Birds of the Bible" series is now a video. I have been having a stimulating and challenging time interpreting my work in a movable, listenable form as well as the visual aspect. A new medium opens new possibilities.

Lots more coming! The channel that lists them, and will update, is here.

Birds of the Bible: Quail

I also added a playlist that includes videos of the steamroller printing at SF Center for the Book of my big Osprey linocut, and the University of Iowa "Staxpeditions," where the librarians went into the archives and took out my book art, Save This Bag. Just click on the "playlist" tab at my channel, never mind.


Alisa said…
Thank you, Bea!
Liz A said…
being relatively new to your blog, I appreciated the mention of the osprey, which sent me on a wonderful journey

I grew up in New York and remember watching the decline of the osprey nests on Shelter Island in the 1960s ... thank goodness we the people were able to turn the tide on DDT ... a lesson that so needs to be applied in these days of rampant climate change
Alisa said…
OMG Liz A, don't get me started on Ospreys! Perhaps you saw, then, that I've watched the life cycle on a local web camera and visited a nest near where I live for four years in a row now. Yes! The birds have much to tell us, if only we will listen. Thanks for writing.

Meanwhile, we await Rosie's return, likely the end of February/early March. Richmond is out meditating and fishing in the area, we are pretty sure. Golden Gate Audubon's nest camera is up all year and has a nice view of the bay:
Liz A said…
I should have said "a wonderful journey through your blog" as I linked from one osprey post to another ... they are wonderful creatures ... and your steamroller project was a head-shaking amazement to me

how much more there is to read and see here ... a decade's worth ... I'm looking forward to future journeying
Alisa said…
Welcome, Liz A. Thanks for reading and hope you enjoy your journey!