If It's Sunday It Must Be a Video: I Found Out

I carry a small Moleskine notebook with me for fragment-jottings: phrases, ideas, overheard conversations, and such. And for about ten years I've been taking photos up the hill as things change on my same daily walk. A few years ago I inexplicably (at the time, to me) filmed part of the walk, perhaps interested in the shadows and the sound of my boots on the ground. Combined, the overheard conversations and the photos, plus a personal musing, became a little letterpress and inkjet printed book in a letterpress printed paper box of all those things I Found Out on my walks. The video includes the shadow-boot-walk for a broader experience. You never know what pieces you'll need later on. Luckily, videos don't take up flat file space!

I Found Out


Liza Green said…
I did a double take when I read the introduction to this video. I thought for some strange reason I had sent myself something I had written to explain some of my work. It’s almost word for word, even the expression “ up the hill” which not everyone I know would use. I feel very connected to this on so many levels. Incredible coincidences a thousands of miles apart!

I do enjoy your blog posts,

Thank you

Edinburgh, Scotland.
Alisa said…
Wonderful to hear from you! Thanks for writing. Sometimes I think that all artists/writers are connected to a natural unseen network.
flotsam said…
Such a tactile, thought provoking/inspiring work. I found myself wandering around in my mind, then on concrete, then in your memories (and mine - I also, as a child, to my little friends' puzzled disdain, identified with trash collectors, people who did the sweeping and quiet cleaning).

Thank you.

Alice Armstrong
Alisa said…
You're welcome, Alice. Lovely to hear from you.