Video: Alphabetical Lichencounters

We've just started to get a little much-needed rain in our corner of California, which wakes up the lichens and mosses on the trees and rocks. I'm fascinated by symbiotic relationships in nature, reminding us that living in harmony with a being with different needs is possible. It's not just a compromise, but an evolved give and take. The German for lichen means "union."

I've written about lichen before here and there and elsewhere. The interest led to a letterpress book in 2016, Alphabetical Lichencounters (which is still available at nevermindtheart). Now a video! I'm reading, as usual, and I've interspersed a few of my lichen photos from up the hill, the Sonoma coast, and Manhattan, as well as projects inspired by lichen.

Alphabetical Lichencounters


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