Video: Not Yet Nest

Part of the practice of book artists is making a work that is a process of discovering, an experience. For me, this usually means a book and/or objects in a container. It's a gift within its own wrapping, all pointing in the same direction. My book in a box, Not Yet Nest, incorporates a hint in the cover (the fragmented glass, a symbol of eggshells). Once inside, the viewer can handle the little egg and nestle it back into its bedding, and pick up and read the book.

Not Yet Nest is now a video, and as I've been doing, I read the text aloud. My work tends to start with a question: what if? or how can I? or what does this remind me of? This particular project started with the question: what shall I make with this lovely paper that Velma Bolyard has created? A more detailed look at process is in this post, from January 2020, almost one year ago.

Not Yet Nest


goze said…
I was very touched by your Not Yet Nest project. Beautiful. I love how it raises questions to ponder and find your own answers. Thanks for sharing your art.
Alisa said…
Jean—You are welcome! Thanks for taking a look and for your kind comments. -Alisa
Velma Bolyard said…
alisa, this is lovely, lovely. hearing your voice read that eggsong, and happy that my papers sent your words singing away!
Alisa said…
Hi Velma! And now your papers have a new starring role! A new life in video. Many thanks, again. -Alisa