Video: Meet at the Osprey Nest

I've been watching the nest camera of our local Ospreys since it was installed by Golden Gate Audubon Society in 2017, and it has inspired much art and writing, by me and others. Today's video gathers book art, art quilts, linocuts and photographs of the Rosie and Richmond, the Osprey couple, and their last four broods. Happily, Craig Griffeath gave me permission to use his song "The Osprey Nest," performed by him and the Del Prado Brothers band, as the background soundtrack. 

Osprey season 2021 is just beginning! Rosie returned on Thursday, February 18, 2021 at 4:38pm. You can watch, too, at In the meantime, or perhaps when the birds are sleeping, the warmup act, below.

Meet at the Osprey Nest

More book art videos at my channel, never mind.