Video: Go Change

We've all had friends that come and go, sometimes a temporary gap in a friendship, sometimes a permanent rupture. It's mysterious why a person with whom you have shared your life and trusted becomes a stranger, or even turns into someone you don't care for anymore or them for you. Perhaps a drifting apart or discovering a truth, or any number of reasons. And then there are the friends you've made that you know you will keep forever, but you might not be able to explain why or how that will be possible. 

BFF. That was the original title to a very short piece, changed to This Is the Way We Count to Infinity. In addition to the following book/video, I wrote a short piece about friendship that was published in the now-defunct Safety Pin Review, issue #50 archived here. The magazine had an interesting premise: the chosen work was painted on cloth and worn on the back of an "operative" for a week, who took photos and collected responses. I don't think the complete sequence of my piece is archived, but the first photo is. But I digress.

In my totally different artist book, Go Change, I allude to traffic lights, among other things, as metaphors for the nature of friendships.

Go Change

More book art videos at my YouTube channel, never mind.