Video: shadowinglovenote

It is interesting how each of us has different strengths and weaknesses, and how our friendships and partnerships can make us stronger, depending on the situation. Not exactly two halves, just an interconnected way of existing, like gears fitting together to make a relationship run smoothly. This week's video is a story of a couple, each good at reading, but in a different way. Together, they complement one another. It's a tale of light and dark and shadows, with moments of heat and cold.

The book was letterpress printed from hand set type, typographically shaped, on Strathmore and Canson pastel papers. The images were laserprinted on Cranes paper from old photographs, and the interleaving pages are shaped to cast shadows. It's a small, palm-of-the-hand-sized book. Forty-five copies were made.


More book art videos at my YouTube channel, never mind.