Handmade Needlepoint Boxes: Magnolia and High Feather

The handmade needlepoint boxes I have been making have filled a certain restless space; they each take at least a day to make, and are satisfying objects when I am finished. I have been approaching each of the small needlepoints with an idea, but no plan, letting the colors inspire and the abstraction grow.

Magnolia is a special tree for me, conjuring up many memories. I began by stitching the branches. I used some of the thread I had dyed and let the colors do what they would.

I really wanted a pink box, so for the lid I painted some purple book cloth with pearlescent acrylic inks. The base is the purple.

I lined this one with a shimmering gold book Japanese book cloth.
approximately 4 inches square by 2 1/4 inches

For the second one I wanted to experiment with the down feather thread that a friend had spun and given to me. So I began by tacking it down on the needlepoint canvas, then leaving areas where I could stitch color around it. I used my hand-dyed thread for the checkerboard pattern. To be in "high feather" means you are in good spirits.

High Feather
is lined with purple and gold brocade Japanese book cloth.
Approximately 4 x 5 inches by 2 1/4 inches.

Both may be available at nevermindtheart.

[Addendum 4.7.21: "Magnolia" and "High Feather" have SOLD. Other work and future boxes available at the above link.]