Video: Smiled Politely and Left

For several years, between about 2007-2012 I was making felted books, as described in this post. I like the feel of warm water and soap as the felting process begins to happen with the wool roving, and I still have supplies to make more when I get back into the groove. The video for this week shows one of my early felted books from 2008. No words, but a concept; certain kinds of smiles can be irritating, especially when they do not feel genuine, and the book gives a voodoo-doll way of coping. Of course in 2021 we may not even see many smiles outside of our own circle of friends and family and may feel that any smile at all is a welcome one. The action may still be a kind of coping, but from a different perspective.

Smiled Politely and Left

More book art videos at my channel, never mind.