Video: Walking on the Sentence Stones

The book, A Japanese Touch for Your Garden, mentions how stepping stones are placed either close together or far apart, depending upon how fast you want a viewer to walk and how much time you want them to spend in each place. That idea, coupled with a visit to the Japanese Tea Garden in San Francisco's Golden Gate Park, and thinking about words placed on a page, prompted the poem for this 1997 artist book, Walking on the Sentence Stones.

At that time, I was becoming interested in painting paper with acrylic inks and developing an accordion book structure that connected back to itself, a circle accordion. The Circle Accordion became a standard book structure that I taught and included in all five of my instructional books. Although the structure is only paper, it feels very satisfying to paint a large sheet, cut it up into strips, and connect the strips with self-adhesive, archival linen tape. This was my first edition employing the circle accordion structure.

Walking on the Sentence Stones

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