Art Quilt: Infinity Tree

I had reorganized my cloth and was hunting for the patch material for my bed quilt when I discovered a small runner of a half-finished quilt and had no memory of when I had started it or why. Luckily, I document obsessively, so I was able to find a photo of its beginnings from January 2021. It was meant to be a tree, or a cropped section, and it was to have lichen on the branches. My painted and crumpled silk lichen had failed, so I stenciled on it in gold. But the cloth was too coarse and the stencils did not print well. The alternation of "this is great / this is *&^%" ended with the latter. Into a box it went.

And out again. What if I embroidered over the gold stencils? I couched metallic gold embroidery thread over the twisting shapes, and transformed an abandoned fail into a finish.

Infinity Tree
8.5" x 36.5" (21 cm x 93 cm)
Hand-dyed cotton, woven cotton, velvet, metallic embroidery thread, cotton sashiko thread


Just finished reading Around the World in 80 Trees. Lovely book. Very calming to read before bed.