Handmade Needlepoint Box: Square Moons

I began with a 14 needlepoint canvas this time; the squares in white and the title came as I improvised and stitched the first three square moons (lower right). Raven black dye is my favorite, and sometimes it is the only color I want to work with, which made sense to me as the sky. I got a new Gun Metal Gray, which turns out to dye in the same tones as Raven, so they can go together, which is what we have here.

The box lid is wrapped in crinkle-dyed cotton, a sample from a larger piece that is turning into (surprise!) an art quilt. The inner lid and base are lined with dark gray cotton velvet. The base is wrapped in black book cloth. 

Although I stitched it this way, as with the other square boxes, it can be shown sideways, upside down, however you see it best. In this case the colors, textures, and shapes were what interested me. The white is single strand of #5 perle cotton so it sits the lowest, the darker blue is #5 doubled and sits a little higher, the gray is 30 weight, I think, or a very lightweight sashiko thread, and quadrupled, the highest. Very tactile.

What can I say about square moons? The universe is so strange.

Needlepoint boxes available at nevermindtheart.

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