Video: Reason: Independence, Privacy.

Revisiting a book I made nearly forty (!) years ago, I was a little shaken. The making of it, my second book in art school, was still vivid to me, the story still grabbed me. Reason: Independence, Privacy. (which I also call R:I,P.) is the fictional story of a single father who is emotionally distant from the world. Questions from his young daughter finally bring him into the present. As with much fiction, it includes snippets from the real world, more like written shadows. It has a touch of homage to Harriet the Spy, a little of my life in high school, but completely fabricated and reworked. I sold a few copies when I worked at a used bookstore and had an encouraging boss there. A woman, who bought a copy, told me that the father in the story was alarmingly like her father, who had worked for a secret government agency. And how did I know? Curious. 

The book was letterpress printed from hand set type with screenprinted illustrations in two variations and die-cut windows.

The video is about ten minutes, longer than usual, so maybe fix a beverage of your choice and get comfortable. 

Reason: Independence, Privacy.

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(I will be taking a break from posting for a bit, so perhaps you've missed one?)


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Marie said…
I loved this, a bit of me in there somewhere!
Alisa said…
Thanks for watching and commenting, Marie!